Two-Part Thermally Conductive Adhesive

TA200 is a two-part, 1:1 ratio, ceramic filled dispensable thermally conductive adhesive material. Curing at room temperature lends itself to high volume automation. Typical applications are where thermal conductivity and structural adhesive are both required, especially for new energy vehicles.
Features: 2.0W/m.K, good adhesion, good extrudability, room temperature curing or heating, to accelerate the curing process.
Applications: Automotive electronics, fiber optic communication equipment, ssd, network communication equipment and modules.
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Technical Data



Test Method

Color (component A/B) black/white Visual
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.k) 2.0 ISO22007-2
Hardness (Shore D) 45 ASTM D2240
Density (g/cc) 2.5 ASTM D792
AL-AL Shear Strength (Mpa) 3.4 GB/T 7124
AL-PET Shear Strength (Mpa) 0.4 (PET blue film breakage) GB/T 7124
Curing Time (25℃, hour) 48 -
Extrusion Rate (50ml side-by-side rubber tubes) 2.5g/10s 0.4Mpa/10s
Weight Loss (%) 0.4 125℃, 24H

Legal Disclaimer

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Package specification

50ml (A/B component 25ml each);

400ml (A/B component 200ml each);

20kg (A/B component 10kg each).

Curing time

(1) Operating time @ 25˚C: 0.5 hour;

(2) Surface drying time @ 25˚C: 2 hours;

(3) Full curing @ 25˚C: 18-24 hours;

(4) Full curing @ 100˚C: 1 hour.

Shelf Life

6 months @ 25˚C, 50% RH, original packaging.