PC Isn't Turning on after I Added New Thermal Paste?

Thermal Grease

When replacing the heat-dissipating silicone grease for the CPU, the most likely problem is that the uneven application of the silicone grease leads to poor heat dissipation, which may cause the CPU to fail to boot or restart indefinitely. There is also poor heat dissipation caused by the fan not being installed in place, resulting in the computer not being able to boot or wirelessly restarting:

• Check it out;

• Check that the fan is in place;

• Whether the fan power plug is correctly inserted into the motherboard;

• Check whether the CPU power supply plug is plugged in properly;

• Check whether the main board power supply plug is plugged in properly;

• Check whether the memory stick is inserted properly;

• Check whether the graphics card and signal line are plugged in properly.

It does not need to be too thick to apply thermal grease, just a thin layer, so that the CPU and the heat sink can be in close and seamless contact. Too thick will have an impact:

1. Clean the CPU&heat sink surface by the cleaning wipe;

2. Apply the thermal paste on the CPU chip (a dot or cross sharp are both OK);

3. Smear the thermal paste evenly by the spatula/screw scraper/flat, thiner is better;

4. After coating the product, the thickness is based on A4 paper thickness.

Thermal Grease

The biggest performance of thermal grease is to apply it on the contact surface between the heating element of the electrical appliance and the heat dissipation facility, which can play a role in the heat dissipation of the electrical appliance and prevent the electrical appliance from being damaged due to excessive local temperature. In this way, the temperature of the heating element will be kept at a constant temperature even after the electrical appliance works for a long time, because the excess heat can be dissipated.

The factory supplied thermal paste is good for about 1~1.5 years at most and then begins to degrade in performance which leads to the heating of the processor of the PC.

So it is said that as a precautionary measure you should change the thermal paste to a better quality one with time so as to keep the hardware health of the PC in peak condition for a longer period of time.

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Updated on:2023-07-10 11:05:06
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