Did the Thermal Pad/Paste Degrade to a Level That Is Less Efficient?

heatsink thermal pad

Thermal pads and thermal paste do degrade over time, but the rate and extent of this degradation depends on several factors, including the quality of the materials used, the conditions under which they're used, and the specific product or brand.

Generally speaking, thermal paste tends to degrade faster than thermal pads. Over time, thermal paste can dry out and lose its effectiveness at conducting heat. This process can be accelerated if the system frequently undergoes large temperature changes, or if the paste is exposed to air (which can occur if the heat sink is not properly sealed against the component).

The average lifespan of thermal paste is typically around 3 ~ 5 years, although high-quality pastes can last longer.

Thermal pads, on the other hand, tend to last longer because they're less susceptible to drying out. However, they can still degrade over time, especially if they're exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. Depending on the quality and conditions of use, a thermal pad can last anywhere from 5 ~ 10 years.

Regardless of whether you're using thermal paste or a thermal pad, it's a good idea to monitor your system's temperatures regularly. If you notice that the temperatures are consistently higher than normal, it might be time to replace your thermal interface materials (TIMs).

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Updated on:2023-08-21 09:12:50
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