Performance Oriented Solution in the Range of Ultra Soft Thermal Pad

ultra soft thermal pad

TP150 Series ultra soft thermal pad due to their outstanding properties, they can almost be compared to a thermal paste. The TP150 Series ultra soft thermal pads nestle much better to components, which contributes to a significant improvement in cooling performance.

The material of the TP150 Series ultra soft heat thermal pads acts similar to thermal paste. The consistency of the pads prevents the highest components, such as voltage converters or VRMs, from being subjected to increased contact pressure from the cooler. In extreme cases, this pressure can cause PCBs to bend. The TP150 Series ultra soft pads fill unevenness much better, nestle better against the components and thus significantly increase the heat transfer between the cooler and the component.

Usually, the silicone of heat-conducting pads bleeds out over time. This makes them go hard and the performance of the pads drops rapidly after a certain point. This is not the case with the TP150 Series ultra soft thermal pads. They can be used for a much longer period of time without significantly losing performance.

When cutting the heat-conducting pads to size, it is essential to leave the foil on the pads. This makes it easy to cut the pads to size with scissors. This is just as easy as cutting paper. The cut edges remain perfectly clean and do not fray.

The TP150 Series ultra soft thermal pads offer better performance than standard thermal pads in many respects and are a perfect replacement for old or underperforming pads.

Ultra soft thermal pad has the characteristics of ultra-low hardness and high compressibility. Compared with common thermal pad, it has ultra-low installation stress, which can avoid the damage of installation stress to chip or circuit board. It is suitable for occasions with high installation stress requirements and large tolerance.


• High compressibility, low installation stress

• Lower contact thermal resistance

• Adapt to larger tolerance occasions

• Excellent thermal conductivity

• Wide temperature range from -40°C ~ 150°C

• RoHS compliant


• Automotive electronics

• Household electrical appliances

• Wearable devices

• Assemble stress sensitive chip

• Environment with large tolerance

Ultra soft thermal pads are superior to the usual thermal pads in many respects, they can be used over a much longer period of time without significantly losing performance. Ultra soft thermal pads are specially designed for applications requiring improved thermal conduction between components. They provide excellent thermal performance in a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for notebook computers, servers, communication equipment, and other high-end electronic devices.

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Updated on:2023-07-10 10:50:25