Will New Thermal Silicone Grease Lower Pc Fan Noise?

GPU thermal silicone grease

New thermal silicone grease can help to improve heat transfer between components such as CPUs and heatsinks, which can lead to more efficient cooling. This can potentially reduce the need for fans to run at higher speeds, which could result in lower fan noise. However, whether or not there will be a noticeable reduction in fan noise will depend on various factors such as the specific components being used and the cooling system in place.

We did several tests and the fan noise was greatly reduced after applying new thermal silicone grease.

• Before applying the new thermal silicone grease, we noticed an average noise level of 75 dB.

• After applying the new thermal silicone grease, we noticed an average noise level of 50 dB.

So, simply applying a new thermal silicone grease helped us reduce the fan noise by as much as 25 dB. The noise level without the new thermal paste, i.e., 75 dB, is enough to disrupt your rest and sleep quality.

One of the major causes of overheating is low-quality or degraded thermal grease. Thermal silicone grease is responsible for effectively transmitting the heat from the CPU to the heatsink. If the paste isn’t working well, the heat won’t be able to travel through effectively, which will leave the CPUs hotter, which in return will boost up the fan speed.

Thermal silicone grease is a material with excellent thermal conductivity, and its main characteristics are as follows

1. High thermal conductivity: has a high thermal conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat to radiators or other heat dissipation devices, thereby effectively reducing the temperature.

2. High temperature resistance performance: can maintain stable performance in high temperature environment, and will not lose thermal conductivity due to temperature changes.

3. Corrosion resistance: has good corrosion resistance and will not change due to exposure to chemical substances.

4. Not easy to volatilize: is not easy to volatilize, can maintain stable performance for a long time, and will not lose thermal conductivity due to volatilization.

5. Good insulation performance: has good insulation performance and can be used in electronic components without affecting the circuit.

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Updated on:2023-07-10 10:17:03
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