Thermal pads are widely used for high power led lamps

Article keywords :Thermal pad,Heat dissipation,thermally conductive material,Thermal silicon greas


Heat dissipation of led lamps is an ongoing problem, the process of heat conduction between the heating element and the heatsink is the key. Traditional heat dissipation mode use silicone grease as the thermally conductive material. Thermal silicon grease is not only cost less but also has good thermal effect. But it is hard to paint a large area evenly, there may be a certain degree of dirty components. Soft silicone thermal conductive sheet is used in copper cladding or heatsink which can be applied with large area. It has high pressure resistance and good technical performance.


AOK devoted to develop thermal interface material to meet the requirements of domestic led lighting industry. We combine experience of cooperation related to the led industry, learn the requirements of led lamps heat dissipation and the structural characteristics of led lamps, and target to produce led thermal pad for use. It can decrease the internal temperature of the device during long-term work which greatly prolong the life span of led lamps, reduce light and heat energy loss, improve several performances of led lamps like led lumen. Currently, thermal pads have been widely used for high-power led lamps such as spotlights, floodlights, tunnel lights, wall lights.