Congratulations to Aochuan for passing the TS16949 quality management system

After a long period of active preparation, Aochuan successfully passed the review of the expert group on February 8, 2017, and successfully obtained the IS0/TSl6949:2009 certificate issued by NSF-ISR, which means that Aochuan Technology has become a qualified automotive industry. supplier. This certification also marks that the quality management of Aochuan Technology in the fields of design, manufacturing, sales and service has reached the international level.

Congratulations to Aochuan for passing the TS16949 quality management system

First of all, running the TS16949 quality system is conducive to Aochuan Technology to provide more high-quality services to more automotive manufacturers.

Secondly, improve Aochuan's work efficiency. The ISO/TS16949 technical specification not only puts forward requirements for the quality management system of the enterprise, but also stipulates many effective and feasible control procedures and methods, such as advanced quality planning, measurement system analysis, production part approval procedures, etc. The use of these methods can effectively improve work efficiency and enhance the combat effectiveness of Aochuan Technology. Passing ISO/TS16949 certification also means that the audited company has passed a strict assessment of its quality system and performance.

Third, prevent product defects by running the TS16949 system and reduce the occurrence of non-conforming products. TS16949 technical specifications control the processes of product planning, design and development, manufacturing process design, production process confirmation, analysis and control of non-conforming products, corrective measures, and preventive measures. Identify and analyze potential defects in the product realization process, and formulate corresponding measures to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities, reduce nonconforming products, reduce waste loss, reduce costs, and significantly improve the physical quality of products.

Finally, by running the TS16949 system, it is conducive to the formation of quality awareness for all employees of the company to focus on customers and meet customer requirements. Can continuously improve customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by the company.

Shenzhen Aochuan Technology Co., Ltd. products have passed UL, SGS and other third-party authority certifications. It is a rare enterprise in the domestic industry that has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Its products include: thermal pad, Electrically Insulating Thermal Sheet , Thermal Conductive Gap Filler, Silicon-Free Thermal Pad, Thermal Grease, Thermally Conductive Potting Encapsulant.
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