Heat Dissipation Material for Gan Rubik's Cube Socket

silicone thermal pads for Rubik’s Cube socket

A 66W output power rubik’s cube fast charging socket is launched by honor. This fast charging rubik’s cube socket comes with a 1.5-meter long cable and has three new national standard five-hole jacks. The fast charging module adopts 2C2A interface configuration. The USB-C port supports 65W PD output, the USB-A port supports fast charging, and any interface supports honor 66W super fast charging. The fast charging module supports automatic power distribution. When multiple interfaces are used at the same time, it can also provide fast charging for the connected devices and shorten the charging time. The fast charging module has built-in gallium nitride black technology, which is smaller and more efficient.

The Lewu quick charge rubik's cube socket is a conversion device, and it will be lost during charging, which will be emitted in the form of heat, so the charger will heat up. Place the Lewu 33W quick charge rubik's cube in a thermostat at 25°C, and collect the surface temperature of the charger after loading it with 20V1.5A for one hour. One hour later, the highest surface temperature of the charger captured by the thermal imager was 51°C, and the highest surface temperature on the other side of the charger was 74.6°C. It can be seen that the highest temperature is around 74.6°C under the voltage of 220V 50Hz.

Inside the panel is the socket module, which is fixed by screws, and inside is the fast charging module. Unscrew the fixing screws, and take out the fast charging module and socket module. The power input line is fixed by a screw pressure plate, and a large amount of heat-conducting gel is filled between the components to fix it. The output socket is welded and connected by two small plates to make full use of the space. The back of the fast charging module PCBA uses thermal pads and brass heat sinks for heat dissipation.

Electronic devices continue to integrate more powerful functions into smaller components, and temperature control has become one of the most critical challenges in design, that is, how to effectively take away larger more heat generated per unit of power.

Thermal pads and thermal gels are high-performance gap-filling thermally conductive materials with thermal conductivity, insulation, and shockproof properties. The soft surface of the material is slightly viscous and easy to operate. It can be applied to the surface of various irregular parts and radiators, shells, etc. The space acts as a thermally conductive fill. Some thermally conductive silicones have glass fibers (or carbon fibers) added to increase their mechanical strength. Thermally conductive pads and thermally conductive gels are mainly used for the transfer interface between electronic equipment and heat sinks or product casings. Make it possible to completely discharge the air between the electronic components and the heat sink during use, so as to achieve sufficient contact. The heat dissipation effect of the socket module is significantly increased, and the temperature rise of high-power fast charging is reduced.

The Lewu 66W rubik's cube socket has three sets of new national standard five-port AC interface designs. The configured 2C2A ports are physically compatible with new and old devices, and support 4 devices to charge at the same time. In terms of the quality of the socket, the no-load power consumption and ripple are at the mainstream level. The conversion efficiency of the USB-C port is above 87% except for the 5V3A voltage range. The highest temperature is 74.6°C, and the temperature will be lower under normal charging conditions. In general, it is at the mainstream level of the current fast charging accessories.

On the whole, the Lewu 66W rubik’s cube socket has better expandability for household power consumption. The equipped USB port can not only perform SCP 60W fast charging for huawei, honor and other mobile phones, but also support PD 30W fast charging for other devices, three groups of five The AC socket meets the simultaneous access requirements of household appliances in scenarios.

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Updated on:2023-07-10 10:53:37
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