AOK at the 10th Heat Conduction Materials Exhibition Shenzhen 2023

AOK Thermal interface material

As a leading manufacturer of thermal interface materials in china, AOK was invited to participate in the 10th shenzhen thermal conductivity and heat dissipation materials exhibition. This exhibition will focus on displaying the latest products and technologies in the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation material industry, establish a brand image for enterprises, promote trade cooperation, market development, lead the industry trend, strengthen the interaction of production, research and development, and sales, and gain an in-depth insight into the future of the domestic and foreign thermal conductivity and heat dissipation materials market. Develop new trends, tap the new needs of the future heat conduction and heat dissipation material market with a developmental perspective, innovate the connotation of the exhibition, organize professional audiences in an all-round and multi-level manner, and provide exhibitors and participating merchants with a technical exchange, product display and trade negotiation. Premium platform.

As 5G technology requires big data and high-performance computing, high power consumption and high heat flux pose challenges to the thermal management of electronic devices, and promote the market demand for heat-conducting and heat-dissipating materials. In the 5G era, the volume and price of traditional heat-dissipating materials such as graphite sheets, thermal pastes, and copper foils have risen, and the requirements for thermal conductivity have also increased dramatically. Thermal management products and solutions usher in a period of vigorous development. AOK will discuss the challenges faced by the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation material industry and bring new industrial opportunities together with industry experts.

AOK has developed a series of thermal conductivity solutions with higher performance, reliability, service life and cost-effectiveness in response to the increasing thermal conductivity requirements of automotive power batteries and electronic equipment. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 quality management system certification, and its products have passed UL, SGS, RoHS and other third-party certifications.

At that time, warmly welcome domestic and foreign thermal and heat dissipation material enterprises and their related industry professionals to visit and communicate with AOK booth.

Booth No.: No. 7B08, Hall 7

Exhibition time: August 29-31, 2023

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall No. 7)

If you would like to learn more about AOK performance thermal materials, please visit our website at

Updated on:2023-08-25 16:05:35
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