Info on High Performance Thermal Pads

high-performance thermal pad

High performance thermal pads are used to enhance heat dissipation in electronics, such as computer components, LED lighting, and other devices prone to generating high heat. They're designed to fill gaps between heat generating components and heat sinks or other cooling solutions, ensuring efficient heat transfer.

Here are some key features and properties of high performance thermal pads:

1. Thermal conductivity: This is the most important characteristic of a thermal pad, and it indicates how effectively the pad can conduct heat. High performance thermal pads generally have a thermal conductivity in the range of 3 ~ 15W/m.K or higher.

2. Thickness: Thermal pads come in various thicknesses, typically ranging from 0.4mm ~ 5mm. The thickness should be chosen based on the size of the gap between the heat generating component and the heat sink or cooling solution.

3. Elasticity: High performance thermal pads have good elasticity, allowing them to conform to irregular surfaces and make better contact with the components they're cooling.

4. Durability and longevity: High quality thermal pads are designed to withstand high temperatures, resist degradation, and maintain their performance over time.

5. Ease of application: High performance thermal pads should be easy to apply and remove, without leaving any residue on the components.

AOK offers a range of high performance thermal pads with varying thermal conductivities, such as the TP1000 Series Thermal Pad with 10.0W/m.K and TP1200 Series Thermal Pad up to 12.0W/m.K.

Consider the specific requirements of your application, such as the desired thermal conductivity, the size of the gap to be filled, and the operating temperature range. It's also worth noting that high performance thermal pads may not always be necessary for every application. In some cases, a standard thermal pad or even thermal paste may be sufficient for achieving adequate thermal performance. Ultimately, it's important to consider your specific hardware and cooling needs when deciding whether or not to use a high performance thermal pad.

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Updated on:2023-07-25 08:35:01
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