How Does a Thermal Pad Work?

GPU thermal pad

A thermal pad is a thermal conductive material that helps to dissipate heat from electronic components. It's usually made of a metal or an oxide-filled polymer. Thermal pads are used to transfer heat from high-power semiconductor devices, such as CPUs and GPUs, to heat sinks or other cooling solutions.

Thermal pads are typically placed between the heat-generating component and the heat sink. The thermal pad conducts heat away from the component and into the heat sink, where it can be dissipated into the surrounding air.

GPU thermal pad

A thermal pad typically has a lower thermal conductivity than a metal, such as copper. However, it has several advantages over metals.

First, thermal pads are much easier to apply than metals. Second, thermal pads conform to irregular surfaces and fill in gaps between the component and heat sink.

This allows for better contact between the two surfaces, which results in better heat transfer. Finally, thermal pads are typically electrically insulating, which prevents short circuits.

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Updated on:2023-11-16 14:13:46
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