Extremely High Thermal Conductivity Natural Graphite Sheet

natural graphite sheet

Thermal gap filler conductivity has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. The ever-increasing power and smaller area have driven the need for higher conductivity thermal gap fillers. In order to increase thermal conductivity, we has explored various thermal fillers to achieve ultra-high thermal conductivity, we will look at the need for higher conductivity materials and how ceramic filler, silicone, and reinforced fiberglass can meet the demand for higher heat flux.

A natural graphite sheet is a type of thermal interface material that is used to improve heat dissipation and cooling performance in electronic devices. It is made of natural graphite, which has high thermal conductivity and is an excellent heat conductor. The graphite sheet is typically thin and flexible, making it easy to apply to various surfaces. It can conform to the shape of the components and fill any gaps between them, which can reduce the thermal resistance and improve heat transfer. Graphite is an abundant, low cost and lightweight alternative compared to other carbon allotropes. It's frequently used as an addition to polymer mixtures to enhance their thermal conductivity properties. Batteries are a familiar example of an appliance that harnesses graphite's high thermal conductivity.

Graphite sheets are suitable for heat transfer methods where space is limited and the horizontal temperature is used to assist the heat diffusion of heating elements, especially the X, Y axis and Z axis, which have excellent thermal conductivity. It's also flexible, bendable, and has EMI shielding effect.

AOK-GTF series thermally conductive graphite sheet is natural graphite with high thermal conductivity, easy construction, flexibility, and compressibility. It can provide coating (if insulation requirements) and non-coating, and can also be wrapped. The temperature range is from -40 ~ 400°C (under inert environment).

Graphite sheets is suitable for products that require a flat surface temperature, or mobile phones, wearable devices, 3C electronic products, displays, and other small-sized products. Such as network communications, electronic products, projectors, digital cameras, medical products, IC components, CPU, MOS, LED, heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computers, communication equipment, wireless switches, DVD, and handheld devices.

We cover the many variables and considerations involved when selecting an appropriate thermal interface material solution for your applications as well as the ever-increasing power and smaller area that have driven the need for higher conductivity thermal gap fillers.

If you would like to learn more about AOK performance thermal materials, please visit our website at www.aok-technologies.com.

Updated on:2023-07-10 10:46:12
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