The Comprehensive Performance of Thermal Pad

1.Excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance: -70-270 ℃;
2. Outstanding resistance to thermal aging performance: tolerate prolonged work under 150 ℃;
3.Glorious electrical insulation properties;
4. Stable thermal performance: little variation with temperature
5. Out-bound facile filling performance.


Cooling requirements to electronic component with thermal pad

1. Electric insulation----should not lead to circuit breakover.
2.Withstand voltage---- proof voltage in the high voltage without breakdown
3.High-thermal conductivity---- provide efficient heat-conductive channels, and pass
through the heat efficiently from electronic devices to heat-sink components.
4. Flexibleness ----fully filled the air gaps between the electronic device and the heat-sink components, and consummate heat-conductive channels.
5. Flame retardance----security
6. Ageing resistance----ensure the longevity of electronic products

Above are five comprehensive performance of thermal pad. Source of information: Shenzhen Aochuan Technology Co., Ltd