Characteristics Of Thermal Conductive Sealant

Thermally conductive adhesive or sealant is a type of Thermal Interface Materials or TIM, this provides combination of low thermal resistance and high bond strength. With the help of heat energy passed through a solid, liquid or gas from molecule to molecule in a material, this sealant is processed. The technology is developing massively with new electronic devices brought into the scenario. With an emphasis on mechanical strength and thermal management capability, the thermal conductive sealant comprises of pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. It has a thickness exceeding 0.2 mm and essentially made of a polymeric pressure-sensitive adhesive matrix and glass microbubbles of specific gravity. It has the thickness of the tape is 0.2 to 1.0 mm which exceeds seven times the average diameter of the microbubbles.


Thermally conductive adhesives are often used to dissipate heat from power electronics. Used to bond heat sinks, for example, their heat conductivity reduces thermal strain to prevent performance loss or failure of electronic components. Thermally conductive adhesives are also used as encapsulation compound for temperature sensors for enclosures or reactors.


Characteristics Of Thermal Conductive Sealant


Adhesives with thermal conductivity are synthetic resins augmented with metallic or inorganic filler materials. Compared to heat transfer compounds, thermally conductive adhesives have mounting components for dissipating thermal energy. To achieve thermal conductivity and electrical isolation at the same time, adhesives augmented with ceramic or mineral-based fillers must be used.


From a wide selection of thermally conductive adhesives, epoxy resin based single- and two-component adhesives are thermally curing. It has a high temperature resistance of up to 200°C and acrylate-based UV-curing adhesives. Thermal conductive sealant is used for bonding heat sinks in the electronics industry.


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