TF Series Thermal Conductive Gap Filler
TF Series Thermal Conductive Gap Filler are two-part, 1:1 ratio, ceramic filled silicone dispensable gap fillers. Curing at room temperature lends itself to high volume automation. Typical applications are where high tolerances are present and designs require reduced mechanical stresses.
Product features:Two-part dispensable gap filler, Thermal conductivity: 1.2-3.5 W/m.k
Typical applications:Networking and Telecommunications
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Product Specifications

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Two-part dispensable gap filler

TF Series Thermal Conductive Gap Filler products are two-component pre-formed thermally conductive silicone products, which mainly meet the requirements of low stress and high compressive modulus when the product is in use, and can realize automatic production; it has good contact with electronic products when assembling. A low contact thermal resistance and good electrical insulation characteristics. The cured thermally gap filler is equivalent to a thermally conductive pad, with good high temperature resistance and aging resistance, and can work for a long time at -40~200℃.

Purchase information

Packing specification: 50mL(25mL each part) / 400ml(200mL each part)/20kg (10kg each part)

Directions for use

• Working hours @ 25C : 1 hour

• Dry to touch @ 25C : 1 hour

• Full cure @ 25C : 12-16 hours

• Full cure @ 100C : 1 hour

Storage & Shelf life

Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. Shelf life of the product is 6 months after date of shipment.