UTP 100 Series thermal pad
UTP 100 is an extremely soft gap filler pad with a fiberglass reinforced liner, on one side . This combination allows for high breakdown voltage and cut through resistance, while providing the desirable low contact resistance and tolerance pickup of gap filling pads . UTP 100 versatility lends itself to a multitude of designs.
Product features:Thermal Conductivity:1.0W/mK,Ultra Soft, Reinforced Gap Filler Pad
Typical applications:Between electronic components such as Semiconductor, IC, CPU.MOS and heatsink.
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Product Specifications
Attribute Value Test Method
Composition Ceramic Filler, Silicone, and Reinforced Fiberglass -
Color White and Brick Red Visual
Thickness(mm) 0.5~12.0 ASTM D374
Density(g/cc) 2.5 ASTM D792
Hardness(shore oo) 30±5 ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength(KN/m) 2.5 ASTM D624
Elongation(%) 60 ASTM D412
Usage Temperature(℃) -40~150 --
Breakdown Voltage(kv/mm) ≥7.0 ASTM D149
Dielectric Constant(@10mhz) 5.7 ASTM D150
Volume Resistivity(Ω.cm) 1.0*10^13 ASTM D257
Flammability V-0 UL94

Thermal conductivity(W/m.K) 1.0±0.1 ASTM D5470
Purchase information

Standard size: 200*400mm, which can be die-cut into various sizes and shapes as specified by customers. The increasing gradient of thickness is 0.25mm

Product Performance