GF series thermally conductive potting encapsulant
GF series thermally conductive potting encapsulant provides thermal conductivity and electrical insulative characteristics delivered in a two part dispensable and easily automated product. Additionally, the GF series provides protection from shock, dust, water, and vibration.
Product features:Thermal conductivity: 1.0~2.0W/m.K,Electrically insulating
Typical applications:Automotive: OBC, DC/DC Converter, Amplifiers
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Product Specifications

Purchase information

Purchasing Information

Packing specification: 50mL(25mL each part)/ 400ml(200mL each part)/ 20kg(10kg each part)

Directions for use

 • Working time @ 25C: 30-120 min
 • For best results, ensure a 1:1 mix ratio is maintained
 • Full cure @ 25C: 4 hours
 • Full cure @ 100C: 5 minutes


  Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

Shelf life

 Shelf life of the product is 12 months after date of shipment.

Product Performance