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Thermally Conductive Tape

  • Thermally Conductive Tape
  • Thermally Conductive Tape

A wide variety of high performance thermal adhesive, transfer tapes, with thicknesses from 0.05mm and thermal conductivity up to 1.20 W/m.k . As each new generation of electronics equipment exhibits higher performance and more and more power into ever smaller packages, it will dissipate power in the form of heat and requires some degree of thermal management.

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AOK Thermally Conductive Tape Features

Besides its high adhesive power, the adhesive pad provides a good thermal conductibility and electrical insulation capacity. With this pad an LED with PCB can be easily and quickly attached to an appropriate cooling element.
The TCT series has a high thermal conductivity of 1.20 W/mK with thickness 0.3mm and yet a low thermal resistance of 0.52K/W. It also has very good electrical insulation characteristics. No need for clips or screws due to excellent permanent adhesive strength.

Thermally Conductive Tape


TCT 120 Series Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape is a high cost/performance thermally conductive adhesive transfer tape composed of special ceramic fillers and acrylic adhhesives. In substitution of thermal grease, TCT120 can be widely applied in CPU, power modules, and power electronic devices to enhance heat transfer and operation convenience. With solid and strong adhesion of the acrylic pressure snesitive adhesives, TCT120 can firmly bond the heat source and heatsink(or cooler) together and ensure the thermal performance.


AOK Thermally Conductive Tape Applications

-Thermal conductivity: 1.2 W/m.k
-High conformability and cost effective
-Double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive tape
-Electrically insulating

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