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TP400 Series thermal conductive pad

  • TP400 Series thermal conductive pad
  • TP400 Series thermal conductive pad

TP400 thermally conductive rubber pad is composed of silicone polymer and ceramic fillers. It is fabricated via special work man ship with high Cost/Performance value. It is double side self-tacky. Under low contact pressure,it can demonstrate excellent thermal transfer and electric isolation.Under-40~150℃, it performs stably and accord swith UL94V0.

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TP 400 Series thermal conductive pad


TP 400 Series thermal conductive pad Key Features

-High thermal conductivity
-High conformability and cost effective
-Naturally tacky requiring no additional adhesive coating
-Electrically insulating


TP 400 Series thermal conductive pad Applications

-PC/NB and peripherals
-Processors to heat sinks
-GPUto heat sinks GPUVRAM DRAMmodules
-Heat Pipe assemblies
-Power conversion
-Wireline/Wireless communications hardware
-LCDback-light modulePC/NB and peripherals

Product Parameter

Properties of TP300
Properties Units TP400 Test Method
Construction & Composition --- Silicone & Ceramic filled ---
Color --- Purple Visual
Thickness Range mm 1.0~10.0 | 0.5~10.0 | 0.3~10.0 ASTM D374
Hardness Shore OO 50±5 | 65±5 | 75±5 ASTM D2240
Density g/cc 3.20 ASTM D792
Tensile Strength KN/m / | >0.5 | >0.9 ASTM D624
Elongation % / ASTM D412
Continuous Use Temp -40 to 200 EN344
Breakdown Voltage Kv/mm >6.0 ASTM D149
Volume Impedance Ω·cm / ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant 1MHz 7.5 ASTM D150
Weight Damnify --- ≤1.0 @150℃ 240H
Flame Rating --- V0 UL 94
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 3.0 ASTM D5470
UL, RoHS, REACH --- Compliance ---
Sheet sizes:
Standard sheet size:200*400mm; Custom-made in regular or irregular dimension


PDF TP 400 (13-Aug-19)

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