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TJ-6000A Series
Thermal Conductive Sealant

  • TJ-6000A Series Thermal Conductive Sealant
  • TJ-6000A Series Thermal Conductive Sealant

TJ6000 Thermal Conductive Pouring Sealant is a material in LOW viscosity anci composed of double components with excellent fluidity and stability. it could be consolidated in room temperature or by heating, TJ600 has a character in speedy consolidation through rising temperature, with no extra by-product occur during the consolidation process. It is in widely application on the surface of PC,ABS,PP,PVC with metal materials, also suitable for the requirement of good thermal conductivity, highly electrical isolation, anti-water and flame retardant characteristics for electronic components, which also is qualified with EU ROHS Directive.

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TJ-6000A Series Thermal Conductive Sealant


TJ-6000A Series Thermal Conductive Sealant Key Features

1. In exceptional fluidity with spontaneous levelling after mixing the A&B components 2. In splendid electrical isolation, anti-moisture, non-contraction with remarkable stability. 3. It has no contraction and temperature rising phenomenon during the consolidation process. 4. It is in elastomer character after consolidation procedure, with excellent anti-thixotropy between the cold and hot condition, also in remarkable aging endurance performance.


TJ-6000A Series Thermal Conductive Sealant Applications

In pouring sealant for LED display, power module and miscellaneous electronic devices.


1. Pls store it under circumstance of 27 Celsius in shady, dry and ventilated air, with keeping from the direct shining of the sunlight.
2. This material is belong to Non-poison and Non-hazardous product, so applicable for shipping as normal chemical products.
3. After opening the seal, it has six months for the quality guarantee period.

Product Parameter

Type TJ-6000A  
Appearance Grey fluidity liquid  
Relative Density (g/cm3) 1.6 ± 0.05  
Viscosity (25℃ , Mpa.s) 3500 ± 500  
Operating time after mixing (min , 25℃ ) 60-120  
Initial Solid time (hr , 25℃ ) 4  
Complete Solid time (hr , 25℃ ) 8  
Tensile Strenth (Mpa) < 1 After Consolidation
Elongation (%) ≥ 60 After Consolidation
Hardness (shore A) 60 ± 5 After Consolidation
Shear Strenth (Mpa) ≥ 1 After Consolidation
Temp. Endurance Range (℃) -60 - 250 After Consolidation
Flame-retardant level (UL94) V - O After Consolidation
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 0.8 After Consolidation


PDF TJ-6000A Series Thermal Conductive Sealant

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