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PCM100 Series
Phase-Change Material

  • PCM100 Series Phase-Change Materials
  • PCM100 Series Phase-Change Materials

Phase-change thermal interface materials are characterized by the material's change from solid to soft aggregate state at a pre-defined temperature - the so-called phase-change temperature.
These products are supplied on rolls with top tabbed liners for easy application and are clearly superior to thermal grease application. They also provide superior surface wetting, minimum bondlines thickness, and actively expel entrapped air. These products are used in various applications such as microprocessors, chipsets, and power components and modules.

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PCM100 Series Phase-Change Materials


PCM100 Series Phase-Change Material Key Features

-High thermal conductivity
-Low thermal resistance
-Low phase change temperature
-Electrical stability & High reliability
-Easy to handle in the manufacturing environment


PCM100 Series Phase-Change Material Applications

High thermal conductive phase change material in pad format, changing the Phase of Thermal Performance. This product family is an excellent choice for today’s most demanding thermal interface applications. These products are used in various applications such as microprocessors, chipsets, and power components and modules.

Product Parameter

Typical Properties of PCM100
Properties Units PCM100 Test Method
Color --- Gray Visual
Carrier --- None ---
Thickness mm 0.13 ---
Density g/cm2 2 ASTM D792
Phase change Temp 55 ---
Continuous Use Temp -40 to 150 EN344
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 4.0 ASTM D5470
Thermal Impedance ℃-cm2/W 0.2 ASTM D5470
Shelf Life --- 12 months from date of receipt by customer when stored in original carton at 22℃ and 50% relative humidity

Sheet sizes:
Standard sheet size:200*400mm;Custom Die-cut parts available;Available with or without PSA on reinforced side


PDF PCM100 Series Phase-Change Material

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